Eri gave me Gregor when I asked for a Fire Emblem character to draw so here is a Gregor!

a poor achey Gregor, someone please give him a back rub


"We’re not in prison, Ryan."
"Not yet."

roses for persephone’s priestess

hi hello! I usually just leave tumblr for awhile if I see this, but if we mutually follow each other, I would appreciate #headshot warning or maybe #russian roulette tagged for anything regarding, well, guns against heads and things like that. it can be very triggery for me at times for personal reasons that I don’t particularly want to dwell on. thank you!!


Lover’s Wreck | Gaelic Storm

"Perhaps this is what it means to go mad: to be emptied and to be aware of the emptiness."
- David Foster Wallace (via likeafieldmouse)

Scarlett Johansson | Behind the Scenes of Vanity Fair Magazine, May 2014 (x)

So, Geoff, Ryan, Ray, and uh Secret Gavin…”
We’re all gonna dress in yellow.”


Punk!Black Widow to go with Punk!Winter Soldier.
It’s been years since I’ve studied Latin so I probably butchered it, but you can’t see the full phrases anyway, but her back is supposed to say “Trust No One” and “Believe Nothing” while the Russian shoooouuuld say “remember”.

inspired by [x]