just to know that i’m alive — a rae williams fanmix (download)
the devil’s feet - azure ray; when i was a child a story was told / about the devil and a girl, oh, so bold
american baby - dave matthews band; nobody’s laughing now / god’s grace is lost and the devil is proud
titanium (feat. sia) - david guetta; cut me down / but it’s you who have further to fall
ain’t no grave - johnny cash; and mama you know that i’ll be there when i check in my load / ain’t no grave can hold my body down
carmen - lana del rey; it’s alarming, honestly, how charming she can be / fooling everyone, telling them she’s having fun
living dead - marina & the diamonds; i’m living dead / only alive when i pretend that i have died
teen idle - marina & the diamonds; and the day has come where i have died / only to find i’ve come alive
into dust - mazzy star; i could possibly be fading / or have something more to gain
help, i’m alive (acoustic) - metric; help, i’m alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer / hard to be soft, tough to be tender
to darkness - mumford & sons; but oh, my heart was flawed / i knew my weakness
adventures in solitude - the new pornographers; we thought we lost you / welcome back
with teeth - nine inch nails; it’s in her kiss, the blackest sea / and it runs deeper than you dare to dream it could be
last year’s war - sarah slean; i’m still bloody from last year’s war / but no longer drowning in the flood
angels on the moon - thriving ivory; i wanna sunburn / just to know that i’m alive
wreckin’ bar (ra ra ra) - the vaccines; pretty girl, wreckin’ bar / ra ra ra ra yeah, you are
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